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Price: CALL
Issue Year:
Print #:
16 Degrees & Blowing
Title: 16 Degrees & Blowing
Size: 15 3/4 x 8"
Price: CALL
Issue Year: 1998
Print #: F77
Description:  Rie Munoz's cold and windy January day in Tenakee, Alaska.  Note the child catching snowflakes with open mouth.
16 Laps
Title: 16 Laps
Size: 6 1/4" x 8 1/4"
Price: CALL
Issue Year: 1996
Print #: F52
Description: Rie Munoz's plying the waters of the Alexander Archipelago on the Alaska State Ferries on a sunny summer day brings most everyone out on deck.  Rie sketched and then painted this young man doing sixteen laps around the deck, which he said was a mile!  ......Rie Munoz   LAST AVAILABLE!
9:00am  Service, Kodiak
Title: 9:00am Service, Kodiak
Price: CALL
Issue Year: 2008
Print #:
Abandoned Cabin, Talkeetna
Title: Abandoned Cabin, Talkeetna
Size: 12 1/2" x 10 1/8"
Price: CALL
Issue Year: 1994
Print #: 341
Description: Rie Munoz  continues the abandoned cabin theme with this charming print.$0
Abandoned Cabin, Tenakee
Title: Abandoned Cabin, Tenakee
Size: 6 5/8" x 10 1/2"
Price: CALL
Issue Year: 1987
Print #: 235
Description: Rie Munoz's charming vision of a deteriorating get-away tucked in the woods.$0
Adrift- Seri
Title: Adrift- Seri
Price: CALL
Issue Year: 1979
Print #:
Airline Agent
Title: Airline Agent
Size: 6 3/8" x 12"
Price: CALL
Issue Year: 1998
Print #: F49
Description: Rie Munoz depicts the popular "Wings" Airline in Alaska.  *Secondary Market" price for this print is $195.
Title: Andy
Size: 5 3/4" x 4 1/4"
Price: CALL
Issue Year: 1991
Print #: 284
Description: Rie Munoz depicts the bond between child and dog.$0
Andy's Treat
Title: Andy's Treat
Size: 5 1/4" x 4 3/4"
Price: CALL
Issue Year: 1993
Print #: 323
Description: Rie Munoz highlights the shaggy delight, Andy.$0
 JUST RECEIVED RIE'S SILK SCREEN "TEMPTATION" 1976, ORIGINAL "HOWLING AT THE LEAF MOON" 1976 AND MORE! I have acquired several other older originals of Rie's and many older serigraphs and prints from the late seventies and eighties.  I will get these posted soon on this website.  Meanwhile, if you are looking for an older print that is very hard to find, please contact me and I can email you prices and pictures.  thescottcollection@frontier.com * I WILL MEET OR BEAT ANY COMPETITOR'S PUBLISHED PRICE ON RIE MUNOZ PRINTS *